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    A Ukrainian couple escaped to Warsaw with their car shot by the Russians

    A car riddled with bullets attracts attention on the streets of Warsaw. Maryna and Oleksandr Pushko, who had previously been hiding in the cellars of Mariupol for two months, decided to flee to Poland by this car.

    The photo of the riddled car that went online is bloodcurdling. The photo was taken in front of one of the student halls of residence in Warsaw’s Grochów. The car with Ukrainian plates was parked there. The whole rear of the car was riddled with bullets. The vehicle does not have a rear window: at this point, it is covered with foil.



    According to the information provided by RMF24, the car belongs to a couple from war-torn Mariupol. 


    “A huge bullet hit our garage and broke through a door. The car was badly damaged, but we somehow repaired it so that it could drive,” Mr Oleksandr told Polsat News. 


    They drove in the bombarded car via Russia and Lithuania to Poland lasted five days. The couple moved to Warsaw, where their daughter has been studying for several years. 


    Mariupol has been besieged and bombed by Russian troops for weeks. There is a dramatic humanitarian situation in the city: there is a lack of food, water, electricity and communication. The mayor of Mariupol, Wadym Boychenko, reported that more than 20,000 people were killed in the city.


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