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    Shmyhal: We thank PM Morawiecki for organising the European Stop Russia Now campaign

    Ukraine’s prime minister has thanked Mateusz Morawiecki, his Polish counterpart, for a Polish-sponsored ‘Stop Russia Now’ billboard campaign, which officially launched in late April.

    In his tweet to Morawiecki, Denys Shmyhal wrote that the campaign aimed to “move consciences,” and rally support for Ukraine in its war against Russia.


    “Alongside direct aid from the free world, it is no less important to penetrate to the consciences of politicians and citizens, and appeal for a stop to the Russian aggression against my country,” he wrote. “We thank (Mateusz Morawiecki – PAP) for organising the European Stop Russia Now campaign,” Shmyhal wrote.


    Located in several European capitals, the Stop Russia Now billboards show photographs of the fighting in Ukraine set against scenes of peaceful daily life in the West.


    Launching the campaign, Morawiecki said its aim was to “awaken the consciences of those Western European politicians who are all too eager to restore ‘normal relations’ with Putin’s Russia.”


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