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    Survey: One-third of Poles looking for a new job

    Up to one in three Poles are now actively looking for a new job, according to a new poll published on Tuesday.

    The poll, carried out by the employment services company, found that 36 percent were looking for a new employer.


    More than half of the respondents in this group (51 percent) were aged 18-24.


    Higher earnings remain the most important motivation to find a new job, with 65 percent putting this as their main reason.


    Other important factors included a lack of promotion opportunities and the feeling of being under-appreciated, which was declared by 23 percent in each case, as well as the desire to change the profession (18 percent).


    At the same time, some of the respondents said they wanted to change their jobs due to a difficult commute (12 percent) and the lack of remote work options (9 percent).


    The poll also showed the importance of a stable and familiar working environment increases with age.


    As many as 83 percent of respondents declared they were open-minded to receiving new job offers, and most of them were employees with at least several years of professional experience.


    At the same time, employees over 45 years of age (76 percent) were the least ready for a job change.


    The survey was conducted in March this year on a group of 1,796 people who have a job


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