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    “We will not leave Ukraine!” A unique concert for the 9th anniversary of TV Republika [VIDEO]

    The TV Republika celebrates its 9th birthday! On this occasion, a unique concert was held, which was celebrated with a performance of the Polish Army Representation Orchestra conducted by Lieutenant Colonel Artur Czereszewski. In addition, a special prize was awarded to the Ambassador of Ukraine to Poland, Andrii Deshchytsia.

    There also was the performance of Amelka, a girl who touched the whole world with her performance of the song “Let It Go” in the Ukrainian bunker, and Ana Danch, another Ukrainian singer.



    The event was a sign of support for struggling Ukraine, and this was no coincidence. Years ago, television broadcasted what happened on the Maidan and supported the Ukrainians in their struggle for freedom. 


    “Instead of a gala, we are holding a charity concert in support of Ukraine,” the chairman of the TV station Tomasz Sakiewicz announced.


    The concert was a demonstration of support for Ukraine, a musical celebration, but also a charity. Viewers could help by sending text messages. During this extraordinary evening, all gathered said loudly: We will not leave Ukraine!





    The prize was also awarded on behalf of the TV Republika viewers. It was received by the Ukrainian people and by Ambassador Andrii Deshchytsia. The award was presented by Tomasz Sakiewicz and Katarzyna Gójska.


    “I am proud to be Ukraine’s Ambassador to Poland. We will fight to the end so that justice and truth are the highest prices we must reach. What Russia has done in recent decades, from divisions to occupations must remain in history. We must work together to ensure that Russia is never a threat to its neighbours and Europe. Thank you for this award and I give you my word that I, as representative of the Ukrainian people, will celebrate the victory over Russia together,” Andrii Deshchytsia said.

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