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    The Dumpling – 2022 Folk Dance and Song Festival in Kalisz [PHOTOS & VIDEO]

    The Dumpling (Polish: PYZA) Folk Dance and Song Festival in Kalisz took place on May 12. The organisers of the event were Public Kindergarten No. 18 “The House at Pooh Corner”, (Polish: “Chatka Puchatka”), and the Center of Culture and Art in Kalisz. Different types of folk dance and songs were presented by the children of 8 kindergartens during the festival.

    The name of the festival refers to the characteristic dumplings – Pyzy. The dish is most commonly served as a main course meal: large oval-shaped dumplings, characteristic of Polish cuisine. They are prepared from a raw or a mix of raw and boiled potatoes, optionally with added flour, eggs and salt, cooked in boiling water. They are stuffed with meat, curd cheese, or mushrooms and usually served with fried onion, bacon, or lard. Picture below:



    According to the main theme of the festival and the idea of folklore and Polish traditions, the children had fun presenting the songs and dancing in amazing costumes. The children from 5 kindergartens won gifts from the sponsors of the festival. The event was educational and fun. The students-animators from the culture centre in Kalisz played together with the participants and presented their show on the stage.


    Check the gallery to see the pictures from the festival and the video of the children from the Teddy Floppy Ear Kindergarten who took 3rd place in the festival.


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