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    President Hołownia

    As the Polish political scene gets ready for the presidential elections next year, much speculation has gathered around the political intentions of Szymon Hołownia, who until recently was the host of the “I’ve got talent” show at TVN – the television station most closely associated with the opposition. Many conservative commentators believe that Hołownia will be a puppet candidate for the opposition, which wants to steal votes from the current head of state, Andrzej Duda, and boost the Civic Platform’s candidate, Małgorzata Kidawa Błońska, in the second round of the elections.

    The TVN journalist ceased hosting the “I’ve got talent” show after 12 years, a decision he announced on Facebook.

    “Already on Saturday – my last time… after 12 years. It’s a long time. I’m leaving “I’ve got talent”, since I have already given the show everything I could, and as one thing ends, another has its beginnings. To millions of you who watched us over the years, because it’s always been millions – thank you. And it’s definitely not a goodbye for good!- says Szymon Hołownia.

    This announcement only intensified the speculation regarding the possibility of Hołownia running for president. It is rumoured that in the next two or three weeks, the journalist will officially begin his presidential campaign. Tomasz Truskawa from from the Freedom of Speech Association thinks this is simply another attempt to break down the Polish political scene.

    “The office of president of Poland should be the peak of a political career, not a beginning. I think that such promotion of people with no political background is just an attempt to break down our political scene, since it’s seemingly impossible to compete with the Law and Justice on one side, and the Civic Platform on the other. Others have already tried to do this and failed, like the Kukiz’15 movement or the Spring party”- says Tomasz Truskawa, Freedom of Speech Association.

    According to the most recent survey conducted by the IBRIS pollster, Hołownia could only count on the support of 3.7% of the voters. It’s not yet entirely clear who would want to promote the TVN journalist and why. 


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