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    Traditional luscious poultry liver [RECIPE & PHOTOS]

    Polish cuisine is full of extraordinary flavours and often a non-obvious combination that – used for decades – has become culinary standards.

    Poultry liver with onions is a traditional dish in Polish cuisine that often appears on Poles’ tables or at least should. Why? It is a vitamin and energy bomb that allows us to supply ourselves with many valuable ingredients.





    • 28 oz // 800g poultry liver
    • 3 medium-sized onions
    • 2 tablespoons of flour
    • 3.4 fl oz // 100 ml of milk
    • oil
    • salt
    • pepper





    1. Rinse the liver and cleanse it. 
    2. Soak in milk and then in flour. 

    1. Cut the onions into slices and fry them in oil until tender. At the end add some salt.




    1. Fry the liver in a second pan for about two minutes on each side (don’t throw it all at once). 





    1. After frying, put the liver in oil in a pan with onions. Add salt and pepper. 



    1. Heat it together for no longer than 5 minutes (you can put it under the lid). 


    1. Serve it with potatoes and your favourite salad. 



    Enjoy! ?


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