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    Poland's largest airport handles nearly three million passengers in Q1 2022

    In the first four months of this year, Warsaw’s Chopin Airport handled more than 2,968,000 passengers, the airport announced in a press statement on Wednesday.

    According to the Chopin Airport communique, Poland’s largest airport is seeing “a growing interest in air travel and a gradual restoration in air traffic.”


    The Q1 2022 results are 28 per cent higher compared to the same period in 2011.


    “The exceptionally good performance in the first four months of 2022 show that aviation is recovering more quickly than expected,” said Anna Dermont, a spokesperson for the airport, cited in the press release.


    In her opinion, the May Day weekend and the number of travellers who chose to travel by air then “are a signal that the upcoming holiday season may be really successful for the industry.”


    The airport also pointed out that a new record was set earlier this year, on May 8, when 43,271 people were serviced and 404 flights took place.


    It also noted that, in 2021, the airport handled almost 7.5 million passengers, a 36 percent increase in 2020.

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