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    “No free West without free Ukraine”

    There can be no free West without a free Ukraine, Poland’s prime minister told a conference in Warsaw on Thursday.

    Opening the PISM Strategic Ark Conference, Mateusz Morawiecki focused on Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and stressed that Ukraine’s victory over Russia had to be accompanied by measures permanently preventing Moscow from endangering peace in Europe.


    “It is not enough to win the war… We have to see that Russia never again threatens European peace. There can be no free West without a free and victorious Ukraine,” Morawiecki said.


    “I appeal for the isolation of the Russian president,” he added. “Diplomacy requires dialogue, but you don’t negotiate with terrorists. Criminals must be brought to justice.”


    The Polish prime minister, who has been a leading voice in Europe calling for tough measures against Russia, also said that a Ukrainian defeat would be a “defeat for us all and the end of the world we know.”



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