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    Germany: Attack on Polish consulate in Hamburg

    The Polish Consulate General in Hamburg’s Steilshoop district was attacked on Saturday night – the building was pelted with stones and containers of paint in the colours of the Russian flag. Tyres were set on fire near the building, making it difficult for the services to reach the scene.

    The attack took place in the middle of the night, the fire brigade was alerted at around 2.25 am on Saturday, reports Hamburg24. The fire brigade’s access to the building was hampered by burning tyres strewn on the street. “Dozens of stones, cobblestones, smoke candles and paint containers lay in front of the Consulate,” the portal describes.


    Numerous police cars from the Hamburg police arrived on the scene, cordoning off the consulate area and searching for the perpetrators.


    “Three people were arrested near the scene, but were released due to insufficient evidence,” the portal reports.


    As the portal stresses, it is tremendous that paints in blue, white and red – the colours of the Russian national flag – were used in the attack on the Polish diplomatic post. 


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