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    PGNiG at Gazterm 2022: The war in Ukraine has changed the definition of cyber security

    “The events of recent months have shown that the Internet cloud is today a desirable solution for efficient operation, also in exceptional war conditions. This business tool is also applicable to PGNiG’s projects,” Robert Perkowski, PGNiG Vice President and Chief Operating Officer, said during the Gazterm 2022 conference.

    Attacks by Russian hackers on Ukrainian institutions preceded Russia’s physical assault on our eastern neighbours. Testing cyberinfrastructure has become one of the elements of war.


    “The times we are witnessing have blurred our notion of the one and only right model of cyber security. Until recently, it was thought that simply removing a cable from the network or cutting off a hard drive was enough to be safe,” Vice President Perkowski said. 


    “However, the war has shown that such an approach is risky. Cloud computing has become a concrete need of the moment, allowing the implementation of operational activities not only of companies or banking institutions, but the entire Ukrainian state when the traditional infrastructure is threatened,” the representative of PGNiG convinced.


    According to him, today there is no single method that would provide a complete sense of security. Both hardware and software can be the target of cyberattacks. Therefore, in response to the current situation and expectations of business, it is worth reaching for proven solutions and effective use of available resources. The result of such actions is, among others, PGNiG’s own project – Smart Field.


    “Oil and gas exploration and production are one of PGNiG’s core activities. However, this process does not only involve drilling in the ground or offshore. Before that happens, we have to establish with the highest probability that the resources are there and that they will be used in an optimal way,” Vice-President Perkowski explained.


    “Creating models reproducing the work of the deposit throughout its exploitation requires enormous computing power. That is why Smart Field was created. Using advanced solutions such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, and cloud computing, we create different variants of drilling works. The information provided in this way allows us to select the optimum extraction scenario – one that maximizes the amount of extracted hydrocarbons while maintaining the profitability of the project,” he added. 


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