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    Polish Top Model star fights in Ukraine. Poles who are at the frontline of the war [VIDEO]

    Mikołaj Jakub Krawiecki gained recognition thanks to his participation in the Top Model programme, which helped him to launch his career. Almost two months ago, the model announced that he had suspended his modelling activities to bring aid to Ukraine.

    Mikolaj Krawiecki published a post on Instagram announcing the suspension of his modelling career. He notes that he understands that this may be met with a different reception from his principles, but the moral obligation to help others is paramount to him.


    “I would like to announce that I am suspending my modelling career because of my moral obligation to provide humanitarian aid. Some principals will understand, and others will not. Either way, for me the value of human life is the most important thing. I will help Ukraine and its people,” the model wrote on Instagram.


    He attached a photo of himself to the post, in which we can see him in a completely different version than the one he has presented so far on his social media. The model is wearing a helmet and a bulletproof vest. A lot of comments appeared under his post, in which internet users flooded him with expressions of appreciation and respect for his sacrifice.




    The video below shows a soldier and Mikołaj who are saying that the war is real and that the situation on the frontline is not as it is portrayed on television. The attached video shows that the guys are not going to give up, despite the difficult situation.




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