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    Today we celebrate Mother's Day in Poland [PHOTOS]

    26 May is a fixed date for Mother’s Day in Poland and it has been celebrated since 1914. Today Poles give sweets, flowers, and cards, and spend time with their moms to show how much they love them.

    Day date differs across the globe. For example, 7 April in Armenia, 10 May in Mexico, or 22 December in Indonesia. However, it is celebrated worldwide in the same way – we do everything to make our moms happy. We cook or book a table in a restaurant, give some beautiful handmade gifts, and buy chocolates and flowers. In Poland, pink roses and lilies are especially popular on this occasion.


    This day is important not only for moms but also for children. The youngest needs some teachers’ help with expressing their feelings and creating the best family memories. Therefore, schools and kindergartens usually organise special performances including crafts, songs, and poems! 








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