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    Polish Greenland Expedition – Waligóra and Supergan made it to the top!

    At the end of April Mateusz Waligóra and Łukasz Supergan planned to make Greenland Crossing. Their goal is to walk over 600 km and cross the largest island in the world from west to east in about 30 days. Two days ago they reached the Greenland ridge and the highest formation of the ice sheet.


    Or more precisely, to the Greenland ridge and the highest formation of the ice sheet, which is the highest point of our expedition. On Wednesday morning Mateusz and I stood at an altitude of about 2450 m, where we finished our march through western Greenland and entered the eastern one.

    “The peak” is of course a conventional term, because the terrain around us is very flat. For the next 2 days we will walk on the plain. Then, however, the terrain will start to descend and in about 3 days the height differences will reach 150-200 m a day.

    We celebrated this moment briefly, a packet of jelly beans was waiting in my sledge especially for that occasion. ? Then a strong frost forced us to continue walking. Tomorrow there is a windless day in the forecast, so we plan a long march until the evening., said Łukasz Supergan on Instagram.



    They try to walk 25 kilometers every day and they assume that they will reach the eastern coast of Greenland in  8-9 days. You can follow the climbers’ patch here

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