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    Poland to strengthen military cooperation with South Korea

    “Today we held two talks, one with the minister who is responsible for the arms industry in the Republic of Korea, the other with the manufacturer of infantry fighting vehicles and howitzers, which, by the way, are already manufactured in our country. We talked about speeding up the deliveries of these weapons to the Polish Army. Why is it important? Because of the war which is taking place behind our eastern border. It is important for the Polish Army to be equipped with modern equipment, and such equipment is produced by Korea,” Mariusz Blaszczak, Minister of National Defense, said during his visit to South Korea.

    On 29 May, the Minister of National Defense began his visit to South Korea during which he met with Minister Kang Eun-ho, Chief of Defense Acquisition Program Administration (DAPA) and representatives of the South Korean arms industry. The Minister also had a conversation with Mr Jaeil Son, Head of Hanwha Defense Concern.


    During the meetings in Seoul, Minister Blaszczak discussed strengthening the defence potential of the Polish Army with the participation of South Korean defence companies.


    The head of the Ministry of Defense drew attention to the need to increase Krab howitzers’ supply and establish cooperation in the field of a new combat infantry vehicle of South Korean production. 


    “Our Korean partner is interested in cooperation with Poland. This cooperation has been going on for several years. In the case of Krab howitzers, today we need to accelerate these deliveries, we need to increase the nature of cooperation, also when it comes to infantry fighting vehicles,” he emphasized.

    During the visit, Minister Blaszczak will also meet with his Korean counterpart – Minister Lee Jong-sup.



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