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    Poland will help export grain from Ukraine. Prime Minister: Several agreements between ministries are being prepared

    “Several agreements between ministries, which, on the one hand, will help Ukraine and, on the other hand, give Poland an economic boost, are being prepared today. These are agreements concerning, for example, Ukrainian grain exports,” Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki said today in Borodianka, Ukraine.

    The head of government attended the opening of a temporary town of container houses in Borodianka (Ukraine). During the press conference, he said that Poland would participate in the export of crops, mainly grain from Ukraine.


    “Poland will be an economic hub for independent Ukraine and already today we will try to help,” he stressed.


    “Therefore, Poland was also asked and told what our conditions are.  We also receive funds from the EU in order to increase capacity and improve infrastructure, which will enable the export of grain and goods from Ukraine to the Middle East, Africa and other countries,” he said.



    The Prime Minister stressed that grain exports from Ukraine had been one of the main topics at Monday-Tuesday’s meeting of the European Council. He added that it was the number 2 topic right after the war in Ukraine”.


    “These are several dozen million tonnes of grain, 50 million tonnes annually, without which North Africa and the Middle East may have serious problems with feeding their populations, with securing food for their people,” he noted.


    Morawiecki said that today “several agreements between ministries are in preparation, which on the one hand will help Ukraine and on the other hand will give an economic boost to Poland” and that “these are agreements concerning, for example, Ukrainian grain exports.” The Prime Minister also spoke about Polish-Ukrainian cooperation of the ministries of defence, internal affairs and infrastructure.


    The Prime Minister stressed that today the most important thing is to restore peace in Ukraine.


    “We are focused on restoring peace, security, normality and normal economic life as soon as possible,” he added. 



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