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    World Cup in Poznań – Polish canoeists 18 times on the podium! [PHOTOS]

    Polish canoeists stood on the podium 18 times on the World Cup in Poznań on Sunday, 29 May. They reached the highest places on the podium. The championships were postponed due to Saturday’s weather problems so all final races were held on Sunday.

    The World Cup competition has shown that canoeists have made progress during the winter preparations in Portugal. It is worth mentioning that two national teams have new coaches – Marek Ploch took over the canadians’ teams and Ryszard Hoppe the canoeists’ team.

    The World Cup already shows more or less where we are. Of course, we must not grow feathers, but train diligently to come out on the international arena in the best possible way,” said the Polish canoeist Dominika Putto.


    Polish medals in World Cup competitions in Poznan:

    Canadian canoe:

    Golden medals:

    1. Aleksander Kitevski and Arsen Sliwinski (C2 500 metres),

    2. Aleksander Kitevski, Arsen Sliwinski, Lukasz Witkowski and Oleksii Koliadych (C4 500 metres)


    Silver medals:

    1. Sylwia Szczerbińska and Julia Walczak (C2 500 metres)

    2. Sylwia Szczerbińska, Aleksandra Jacewicz, Katarzyna Szperkiewicz and Julia Walczak (C4 500 metres)

    3. Dominik Nowacki and Łukasz Witkowski (C2 1000 metres)

    4. Mateusz Borgiel (C1 5000 metres)


    Bronze medals:

    1. Viktor Glazunov (C1 500 metres)

    2. Amelia Braun, Angelika Dorozińska, Patrycja Mendelska and Magda Stanny (C4 500 metres)



    Gold medals:

    1. Karolina Naja, Anna Puławska, Adrianna Kąkol and Dominika Putto (K4 500 metres)

    2. Dominika Putto and Katarzyna Kołodziejczyk (K2 200 metres)


    Silver medals:

    1. Anna Puławska (K1 500 metres)


    Bronze medals:

    1. Martyna Klatt, Sandra Ostrowska, Julia Krajewska and Helena Wiśniewska (K4 500 metres)

    2. Sandra Ostrowska and Martyna Klatt (K2 200 metres)

    3. Marta Walczykiewicz (K1 200 metres)

    4. Sandra Ostrowska and Martyna Klatt (K2 500 metres)

    5. Rafał Rosolski (K1 5000 metres)



    1. Mateusz Surwiło KL-3
    2. Karolina Bronowicz VL-1

    Other final awards:

    4th place – Juliusz Kitewski, Krystian Holdak, Gracjan Michalak and Adrian Kłos (C4 500 metres)

    4th place – Katarzyna Szperkiewicz (C1 500 m)

    4th place – Katarzyna Szperkiewicz (C1 200 metres)

    4th place – Helena Wisniewska (K1 200 metres)

    4th place – Magda Stanny and Patrycja Mendelska (C2 200 metres)

    4th place – Julia Walczak (C1, 5000 metres)

    4th place – Aleksander Kitewski and Sylwia Szczerbińska (C2 Mix 500 metres)

    5th place – Viktor Glazunov (C1 1000 metres)

    5th place – Viktor Leszczynski (K1 500 metres)

    6th place – Jakub Stepun, Bartosz Grabowski, Sławomir Witczak and Filip Weckwert (K4 500 metres)

    6th place – Amelia Braun and Angelika Dorozińska (C2 200 metres)

    6th place – Adrian Kłos and Gracjan Michalak (C2 1000 metres)

    6th place – Aleksandra Jacewicz and Dominik Nowacki (C2 Mix 500 metres)

    6th place – Adrian Kłos (C1, 5000 metres)

    7th place – Marta Walczykiewicz (K1 500 metres)

    7th place – Magda Stanny (C1 200 metres)

    7th place – Amelia Braun (C1, 5000 metres)

    8th place – Anna Zagórska (K1, 5000 metres)

    9th place – Oleksii Koliadych (C1 500 metres)

    9th place – Magda Stanny (C1 500 metres)



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