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    Polish “GROT” for the Border Guard. The contract has been signed

    In Fabryka Broni “Łucznik” (“Lucznik” weapon manufacturer – editor’s note) – Radom an agreement was signed for another delivery of MSBS GROT carbines supplied with ammunition 5.56×45 mm. for the Border Guards.

    Under the signed agreement the MBS GROT carbine in the C16 FB-A2 version of 5.56×45 mm ammunition will be supplied to the Border Guard officers.


    MSBS GROT is a carbine that performs very well in the service of the Border Guard. It is versatile and practical, used both in the field and in other conditions. It can be easily adapted to specific tasks, which is why it was decided to purchase more carbines.


    “Another order from the Border Guard is a very important signal for our company. Our carbine meets all the requirements of the daily work of Border Guard officers and, most importantly, receives very good marks from the formation, which guards the borders of Poland every day. All the more so today, when our eastern border requires special attention, we are proud that it is our Polish MSBS GROT that supports our border guards protecting our country and ensuring safety,” said dr Wojciech Arndt, President of the Board of Fabryka Broni “Łucznik”.


    MSBS GROT was created as a part of the military project TYTAN, and the weapon was presented for the first time on the eve of the Polish Army Day in 2012. This unique design allows for a quick change of key modules such as the barrel module with the integrated gas chamber, trigger mechanism, grenade launcher module and flask. This allows the weapon to be quickly customised for a specific audience and specific needs. All these features can be achieved in both classic and flaskless systems. 


    The first pieces of the MSBS “GROT” entered the armament of the Polish Army in 2017.




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