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    Let’s meet at the Open Eyes Economy Summit 2022

    The 7th Congress Open Eyes Economy Summit will be held on 22 and 23 November 2022 in ICE Krakow. Thanks to the hybrid formula, it will be possible to participate in the event both in-person and online. The motto of this year’s edition will be credibility and its reflection on socio-economic and political life. During the Congress, there will be a presentation of the conclusions of the report “Index of Poland’s economic credibility” currently being compiled.

    Most attention during OEES 2022 will be devoted to the economic credibility of the state, as well as institutions and enterprises. The starting point for a multi-faceted discussion on this topic will be the conclusions of the report “Index of Poland’s Economic Credibility” currently being prepared. The authors draw attention to several unfavourable phenomena in the Polish economy, which have resulted in a marked decline in the indicators of our country’s economic credibility in recent times. 


    The thematic blocks COMPANY-IDEA, CITY-IDEA and BRAND-CULTURE will include human rights in business in the context of employees’ needs highlighted by the COVID-19 pandemic; the social and institutional dimension of urban regeneration in the face of climate challenges; cities adapted to the needs of the young generation; design-thinking and “co-creation” in the creation of public services and empathetic organisations; the Green Deal and aspects of its financing, as well as the conflicts that surround it.


    While discussing the current problems of the contemporary world, it is impossible to omit the topic of the ongoing war in Ukraine. The special track “Open Eyes to Ukraine” will be devoted to the most important economic, social, political and cultural issues, directions of development of cooperation between Poland and Ukraine as well as current and future needs of the inhabitants of Ukraine.


    Traditionally, the Congress will also be accompanied by artistic events – The Open Eyes Art Festival, which helps to understand the role of art in creating surrounding reality. In turn, the Open Cafe initiative is a space where Congress guests can taste exceptional delicacies, mostly local, but sometimes also from different parts of the world, always created with respect for nature and man, produced responsibly and in an ecological manner. In previous editions, these were coffee, apples and honey, while this year’s Open Café theme will be symbolic bread and grain. 


    Interested participants can take part in the event both in person, at the ICE Krakow Congress Centre, and via the Live OEES virtual streaming platform ( Registration takes place at



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