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    Music in support of memory. ‘I Hear Good Sounds’ festival in Szczecin

    On June 15th started the festival “Słyszę Dobre Dźwięki” (I Hear Good Sounds) in Szczecin. This year’s theme is Memory and Attention, hence why the lectures, games and films show links between music and memory. The festival is directed especially toward seniors who might suffer from memory deficiency and their close ones.

    The festival started at 10 A.M. with a lecture on music therapy and its positive impact on memory. There were sections on memory exercises, questions from the audience and specific lectures on how and which type of music helps seniors.

    The next day of the festival (June 16th) is focusing on the memories of Szczecin. At 7 P.M., a reportage about pre-World War II through the eyes of a child will be transmitted online. The film follows Monika Szymanik, a blogger from Szczecin, who goes through photographs of Szczecin before and during World War II. Old photos will be contrasted with modern-day views of Szczecin. Later, Monika Szymanik will talk about her book “Childhood 1935-1949,” a memoir of Christel Schubert’s adolescence in Szczecin.

    On Friday the 17th, a concert by the Symphonic Orchestra of the Szczecin Philharmonic will take place. The “Niezapominajka – the Hits of Classic Music” concert will include pieces that relate to classic literature.

    At 11 A.M. on Saturday will start a city game “Hunters of Memory,” where the participants will walk through the city and listen to traditional compositions in historic places. At 1 P.M. will be a play “Mr Sound.” The festival will end on June 19th with a concert for families titled “Where is Nemo.” More information can be found on the Szczecin Philharmonic’s website.


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