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    Tom Hanks donated Syrena to the auction

    Tom Hanks donated Syrena to the auction
    Syrena 105, which Tom Hanks allocated for the charity auction, has already been partially restored. Car body is ready, now white and burgundy, and the drive. The car was presented in Bielsko-Biała.

     The car will be auctioned in April or May next year during a charity ball held by Monika Jaskólska’s foundation “It is not right not to help”. Income from a ball and the auction will go to a Bielsko-Biała pediatric hospital. Syrena 105 was produced in 1980. The car was first taken up by mechanics from BB Oldtime Garage. – The engine is original and has 40 horsepowers. It has been completely renovated. We unscrewed it to the last screw and put it back together using original, unused spare parts – Daniel Kasprzyk explained. Car body caused more trouble. Its renovation took nine people about a thousand hours. The originally white car is now white and burgundy. Syrena will now go to the Collins brothers’ studio, who deal with car tuning. Syrena is a family of Polish cars and vans. 

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