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    Experience Poland on bike [PHOTOS]

    Over 120 students from Poland and Ukraine took part in the “Experience Poland on bike” rally through the Kozłowieckie Forests. The event is part of the programme of the Ministry of Education and Science “Experience”. The purpose of the rally is to popularize the natural heritage of our country, as well as to encourage young people to spend time actively in the fresh air.

    Over 80 students from Poland and nearly 40 from Ukraine took part in the rally. The route was about 25 km long. The rally started at the Zamoyski Museum in Kozłówka and led towards the Kozłowieckie Forests, and then along the route of Cardinal Stefan Wyszyński.

    The rally was organized in compliance with all safety regulations. It ended with a picnic in “Park of Sounds”, during which cyclists could take part in an off-road game and a competition about the safety on road.

    This rally is a part of the programme of exploring Poland actively. Also, this joint project of MEiN and PZPN “Experience Poland and do sport” includes sports trips for young footballers, a test of the history of football and the footbal match competitions.

    The Ministry of Education and Science encourages young people to be more physically active and organizes projects to counteract the effects of the pandemic.


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