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    Poland not to accept fossil-fuel vehicle ban

    Poland has dismissed as unacceptable a European Commission (EC) proposal to ban the sale of fossil-fuel-powered cars by 2035 as unacceptable.

    Anna Moskwa, Poland’s climate and environment minister said on Tuesday in Luxembourg, said neither the auto market nor citizens were sufficiently prepared for the change.

    She also cited the long charging times of electric vehicles, which the EC sees as a viable replacement for petrol motors.

    “We are not ready for this today, no one is, the market is not ready to accept 2035 as the date for a sales ban on fossil fuel-powered vehicles, and we too oppose this proposal. At the moment it is not possible to speak about any concrete dates. People will not accept this idea as long as we do not have vehicles that can travel, say, a thousand kilometres with having to stop for two hours to recharge their batteries,” Moskwa said.

    She added that the mass introduction of electric vehicles would also require adequate infrastructure and acceptable vehicle prices.


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