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    Missiles hit a block of flats in Odessa. There are 16 dead, and more than 36 injured [PHOTOS & VIDEO]

    “14 people were killed and 30 injured when an enemy rocket hit a residential block in the Odesa region of southern Ukraine,” regional government spokesman Serhij Brachuk announced today. Later, the State Emergency Service of Ukraine wrote that there are 16 people dead and 36 injured. Two more people died and one was injured in an attack on a resort in the region.

    “Since 08:15 a.m. the bodies of two people were also removed during the analysis of the ruins of a nine-storey residential building in Sergiyivka. A total of 16 people were killed and 36 people were injured (including 3 children). Work in progress. According to detailed information, 2 people (including 1 child) died and 1 person was injured during a strike on the grounds of the recreation centre in the town of Sergiyivka. Work in progress,” the State Emergency Service of Ukraine informed on Facebook today. 




    A Russian missile attack was conducted on Thursday night in the Belgorod region. A nine-storey residential building was partly destroyed. Also in the Odessa region, three people were killed and one was injured in an attack on a holiday resort. Among the dead is a child.


    “The area under the control of Kyiv is practically half of the area, with one-third occupied for eight years before a full-blown Russian invasion,” Kyrylenko said in Radio Svoboda. 


    The governor pointed out that the Russians carry out much shelling in the region. “Almost all places in the district are under fire,” he pointed out.

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