As Goncharenko reported, the recapture of the village of Solodke took place as a result of a successful counter-offensive.



Also, soldiers from the Ukrainian 95th Independent Airborne Brigade carried out a successful attack on Russian positions on the eastern front. 


Published footage shows how Ukrainian air reconnaissance officers discovered shelters of Russian equipment in the forest belt. 



Another successful operation was also reported by the press service of the Kastus Kalinouski regiment, made up of Belarusian volunteers fighting on the Ukrainian side. The published footage shows how one of the enemy units was eliminated using mortars. 



The Kastus Kalinous Regiment (Belarusian: Полк Кастуся Каліноўскага, formerly the Kastus Kalinouski Battalion) is a volunteer territorial defence unit composed of Belarusians formed in 2022 to defend Ukraine against Russian invasion. The battalion was named after Konstantin Kalinovsky (known in Belarus as 'Kastus' Kalinouski), leader of the January 1863 uprising in Lithuania and Belarus.