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    Today we celebrate Palace Day 2022 – European Royal Residences Day!

    Each 19th July, Palace Day brings together Royal Residences, cultural and political institutions, public from all over the world, to share tweets and pictures of our common Heritage. Palace Day was launched in July 2016, at the initiative of the Palace of Versailles in France. This year, for the 7th time, palaces and castles across Europe are coming together and share their stories, collections and behind-the-scenes photos on social media. The Palace Day 2022 is dedicated to biodiversity.

    Currently, the association has 30 members, representing 90 residences in 15 countries. Royal Residences that celebrate Palace Day in Poland include Royal Castle, Royal Łazienki Park, and the Palace in Wilanów.

    The royal residences protect a diverse, rich and precious flora and fauna. Kings and Queens of Europe brought exotic plants for their gardens and wild animals for their “menagerie” and have contributed to the diversity of species.

    Indeed, when we think of palaces and palace-museums, we usually think of large luxurious buildings, full of ornaments, paintings, and sculptures, we are looking for a throne, a royal room, or a sumptuous gallery. But we often forget the complexity of these places with their parks and gardens, and in particular the richness of the biodiversity that surrounds them and that institutions are anxious to protect! Huge wooded parks, English gardens, French gardens, ponds, and canals. Species of rare trees and flowers, wild animals but also domestic animals, the European royal residences shelter a real natural heritage to observe and preserve. These parks and estates are indeed home to fauna and flora of unsuspected diversity and richness.

     Today, the museums and palaces offer free tours as part of the event.



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