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    Ukraine: A Pole has fallen in combat. He was an MMA fighter

    Tomasz Walentek, who fought in the International Legion for the Defence of Ukraine, has fallen a few days ago in Donbas. The news of his death was confirmed by the MMA Poland organisation.

    The death of a Polish volunteer in the war in Ukraine was reported by the media a few days ago, but so far, the information has not been confirmed by the Polish government. 


    According to information provided by journalists, the Pole has fallen in Donbas as a result of artillery shelling earlier this week. His body has probably not yet been brought to Poland. 


    The death of a Polish volunteer in Ukraine was also reported by the MMA Poland organisation, which relayed on Saturday that Tomasz Walentek had died. He was associated with martial arts. 


    “It is with enormous sadness that we received the information about the death of Tomek, who as a Polish volunteer fought in the International Legion for the Defence of Ukraine and fell there. Tomek took part in and won the Second MMA Championships organised in Gliwice. Rest in peace,” the organisation wrote on Twitter. 



    British media reports indicate that more than 20,000 foreigners are fighting on the Ukrainian side against Russia. Volunteers have applied to join the Ukrainian Armed Forces from more than 50 countries.


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