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    Quattro Beach Hotel in Turkey – the dispute between Polish and Russian tourists

    A pro-Russian Telegram channel ‘Rybar’ informed that a ‘national enmity’ incident took place in Quattro Beach Hotel in Turkey. According to the channel, Polish tourists are guilty of violence against Russian tourists. The cause of the dispute was supposed to be the divergent views on Russia’s aggression towards Ukraine.

    ‘Rybar’ states that in these difficult times, a safe vacation for Russians is gradually becoming not just a luxury, but something that can only be found in fantasy novels. ‘Rybars’ reporters received information that some hoteliers in Turkey not only violate all hospitality laws – they directly allow crimes against tourists (primarily from Russia) at their resorts.

    An incident took place in Alanya, Turkey. The channel described this destination as a traditional place where mainly tourists from Russia, Ukraine, and Poland go for family trips or to spend a honeymoon. However, there is no strict information regarding the percentage of the major ethnicity of the tourists at Quattro Beach Hotel. The page adds that the newlyweds are the main “cash cow” of local businessmen and most of the paid entertainments (individual excursions, spa and massages, rooms, and a special menu for newlyweds) are aimed at them. Also, this information does not put a new light on the case of violence against Russian tourists.

    ‘Rybar’ claims that a young couple from the south of Russia was the victim of the assault on July 13 at the Quattro Beach Hotel. Probably, the attacker was a group of 4 Poles who attacked a young man in the restaurant during the day. ‘Rybar’ highlights that the hotel security and service personnel silently observed what was happening and did not intervene, despite the screams and pleas of the battered wife, who tried to break up the fight on her own.

    The channel informs that the group of Polish tourists started a conversation with the Russians first and they offered them to join and sit at the same table. Having discussed common topics, they began to persistently clarify the attitude of the spouses to the Russian ‘special operation’ in Ukraine. (Editorial disclaimer: please pay attention to the phrase ‘special operation’ used by ‘Rybar’).

    Moreover, the channel accuses one of the Polish tourists to start molesting the girl and forcing her husband to intervene before the fight started. ‘Rybar’ also informs that the victims were not allowed to contact the Russian embassy or any lawyers. They neither receive any medical help nor support from the hotel. Instead, the beaten Russian was transported to the nearest Police station. On the other hand, the Polish tourists left the crime scene and hid.

    According to the page, the hotel manager arrived in the morning and, threatening the couple (one of whom was barely standing at that time) with eviction a few days before departure, required them to sign a waiver of any claims against the management and guests of the resort. As it turned out, he had known the Poles for a long time and did not want them to have any problems because of such an insignificant incident, which, beyond all doubt, was provoked by a Russian tourist.

    ‘Rybar’ assess: tourists from Russia can easily be beaten, blackmailed, or even sexually assaulted in the Quattro Beach Hotel, the possible recordings from the video cameras will be carefully destroyed and the victims will be “processed” by Alania Police Officers. 

    “We offer the Russian side to draw conclusions from this situation independently, but we will ask a rhetorical question: don’t you think that with this approach of the Turkish authorities, it is time to reorient the Russian tourism business to Latin America?”, the reporters added.

    Although the whole story seems to sound far-fetched from the very beginning, we do not know the exact and official statement from the Polish tourists or the Turkish Police. However, we believe that the Russian side should realise what was the cause of the incident and not expect that people will be avoid the topic all over the world.


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