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    Poland's unemployment rate at 2.7% in June – the 2nd lowest unemployment rate in the EU

    According to the official information reported on Monday by Eurostat, EU’s statistical office, Poland’s seasonally adjusted unemployment rate remained unchanged at 2.7% in June 2022 from the previous month. While the unemployment rate in the whole European Union reached 6%, Poland recorded the 2nd lowest unemployment rate in the EU.

    According to Eurostat, on the basis of seasonally adjusted data, the unemployment rate in the eurozone went down to 6.6 percent in June, unchanged from May. 


    The Czech Republic is placed as the first lowest with its unemployment rate at 2.4 percent. In June 2022, 2.546 million people under the age of 25 were unemployed in the EU, including 2.073 million in the euro area. The unemployment rate among young people was 13.6%. both in the EU and in the euro area. 

    Compared to June 2021, unemployment in this age group decreased by 527 thousand people in the EU and 450 thousand in the euro area. 


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