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    Polish firefighters were sent to France's aid as wildfires rage

    A Polish rescue group set out from Nuremberg towards Bordeaux to help extinguish fires in the Landiras region. Thousands of hectares of pine forest have been burnt. More than 700 hectares of forest area have already been burned, and 3,000 people evacuated. Bartkowiak: “Usually we are sent the most difficult sections. But I think we will handle it calmly (…) firefighters from the Provincial Headquarters of the State Fire Service in Szczecin and Wrocław have experience from Greece and Sweden. We know that they are the best of the best!”.

    On Wednesday, officials in western France said a wildfire near Angers and Le Mans has burned 1,200 hectares since Monday as nearly 400 firefighters struggle to contain it. ( 

    Today, Polish firefighters left Nuremberg continue their journey to France. The rescue group includes 146 firefighters and 49 firefighting vehicles. In total, 146 firefighters and 49 rescue and fire-fighting vehicles are deployed.

    It is in response to a French request to the international community through the EU Community Mechanism. The demand for assistance was received through the ERCC (Emergency Response Coordination Centre).

    Deputy Interior Minister Maciej Wąsik, Deputy Head of the Ministry of Interior and Administration, claims that the mission in France is the 37th international mission of the State Fire Service


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