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    “It’s not even mobilization, it’s just slavery.” That’s how Andrii Yusov describe the behaviour of the Russian Army towards occupied Donbas’ residents

    “It’s not even mobilization, it’s just slavery. People are literally sent to slaughter,” the Ukrainian defence intelligence reported on Telegram.

    “We see the attitude of both the Russians and the Russian Federation towards the residents of LPR and DPR regions as inferior people. As long as hidden mobilization continues in Russia, where they try to motivate someone with money, stimulate with some illusory payments or campaign with an ideological motto, through propaganda channels, everything is quite simple in the occupied Donbas. There is no agitation there, people are simply snatched from the streets. There is information that, for example, a meeting of representatives of the occupation administration with enterprises was recently held in Luhansk, where it was proven that in the near future it is necessary to mobilize another 8 thousand men under the age of 60,” the representative of GUR of the Ministry of Defence of Ukraine Andrii Yusov told “Apostrophe” about the peculiarities of mobilization of the population of the so-called LPR and DPR to the Russian occupation forces. 


    “Why is this done? To make up for the losses, and to restore the fighting capacity of the units. First of all, we are talking about the so-called 2nd Army Corps. 


    “From the very beginning, residents of occupied Donbas – even those with Russian passports – were used as cannon fodder for combat reconnaissance missions. Badly trained and with bad ammunition, they were thrown into difficult areas of the front. Instead, the Russians were treated in a completely different way,” Yusov said. 


    As Yusov noted, the mobilization campaign on the territory of Russia and occupied Crimes itself is highly unsatisfactory. And, according to him, the “only place where they can quickly, without any fear, without any regard for public opinion, replenish the staff with manpower is occupied Donbas.” 


    “There are no civil rights and freedoms there, no laws are enforced there. Therefore, the most brutal mobilization campaign is taking place there. It’s not even mobilization, it’s just slavery. People are literally sent to slaughter. This is genocide,” Andrii Yusov told “Apostrophe.”




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