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    Who is behind the attack on Dugin's daughter? One organisation has claimed responsibility for the attack

    “The car that exploded yesterday in the Moscow area belongs to Dugin himself and it was he who was supposed to drive it, but at the last minute he changed to another car,” it was reported online. At the same time, the Russian National Republican Army claimed responsibility for the attack. However, there are doubts as to whether such an organisation even exists and whether it carried out the attack.

    Dugin is referred to by the media as Vladimir Putin’s ‘spiritual mentor’. He has been pushing ideological ideas that Russia should, together with Germany, divide Eurasia in half for years. In the past few days, Dugin himself has unexpectedly begun to criticise Putin, calling on him to bomb the West. On Saturday evening, the car he was supposed to be driving exploded when Dugin’s daughter Darya got inside. There was a bomb planted under the car.



    “Dugin himself was allegedly driving the blown-up car, but in the end, he drove a different one. It seems, therefore, that he was the target. The question of who was behind the bombing remains open. At this point, the perpetrators can be traced to both Kyiv and Moscow,” Michał Nowak conveyed in his post on Twitter.



    Information has emerged online about the very vehicle Darya Dugina was driving.


    Questions are being raised as to who the perpetrator of the attack is. Analysts indicate that it could be both Ukrainian and Russian services. The Russian National Republican Army has admitted to this. The organisation aims to overthrow Putin.


    Its manifesto has been issued. It has been published online in English.




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