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    “It is indeed a paradox.” Russia and Poland are the most sanctioned countries by the European Commission

    “Russia and Poland are the most sanctioned by the European Commission,” Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki admitted today in Paris. In making this claim, the head of government referred to an article by Jan Rokita. The former politician made a shocking juxtaposition, making it clear that the value of the Polish [sanctions] package rather exceeds the Russian one.

    “At first glance, this looks like a grotesque paradox, but there is a brutal reality of European politics behind it. Next to Russia, which has invaded its neighbour and is killing its people, Poland is the second country currently subject to large EU sanctions,” Jan Rokita wrote in Dziennik Polski at the beginning of August this year.


    In a text entitled “Jan Rokita’s luxury of his own opinion. Sanctions,’ the former politician also makes a juxtaposition which shows that “the value of the Polish package rather exceeds the Russian package.” Rokita juxtaposed the consistently unreleased funds from the National Reconstruction Plan (KPO) for Poland and the sanctions imposed on Russia after the outbreak of war in Ukraine.


    Unexpectedly, the article was invoked on Monday by Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki. The head of government spoke about it while standing alongside President Emmanuel Macron in the courtyard of the Élysée Palace.


    During the press conference after the Polish-French talks, journalists asked about the talks in the context of Rokita’s text.


    “Yes, I mentioned it again during our bilateral conversation with President Macron, who fully understood the absurdity of the whole situation,” he answered.


    “It is indeed a paradox. But this paradox is also to make the various decision-makers, in this case, the European Commission, aware of the situation in which we find ourselves. I am grateful to Mr Jan Rokita, a well-known person, once a candidate of the Civic Platform for the positon of prime minister, for highlighting this problem in such a way,” Morawiecki said.


    According to the head of government, “these two countries – Russia and Poland – are the most punished countries by the European Commission”. “Poland, which opened its doors and hearts to Ukrainian refugees, to mothers and children. Poland, which helps to defend freedom, democracy, the sovereignty of Ukraine, and Poland, which secures the eastern flank of NATO,” he mentioned.


    “On the other side, there is Russia, which is the aggressor, which commits war crimes, murders, which not only kills soldiers but also commits murders,” he added.


    Finally, he confirmed that “this is indeed a paradox and we have talked about it.”

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