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    Volleyball Men's World Championship: Third victory in a row!

    What a match it was! Every point was as precious as gold! The Poles fought until the very end and succeeded! They won against the USA 3:1!


    The first set started with a slight advantage for the Poles. Almost throughout the match, the Poles kept the advantage, until the Americans proved to be better in the end. They made up for the loss and came out on top. They maintained a two-point lead until the end and won the set at 25:23. 


    In the second set, the Poles seemed to wake up after the defeat in the first set and started quite aggressively. The game was very tight and balanced. It was only towards the end that the Poles built up a lead that allowed them to win the second set at 25:21 and level the score. 


    The start of the third set was quite calm, although you cannot say that this match is calm. Both teams fighting for every ball. The Poles managed to build up as much as a five-point lead in the middle of the set and kept it until the end, also winning the third set 25:19.


    The fourth set, on the other hand, started quite nervously. Both teams did not allow themselves to lose points accidentally. They fought fiercely until the very end. For most of the match, however, it was the Poles who tried to maintain a two-point or so lead. In the end, the Poles mobilised to the maximum and won the fourth set 25:21!


    Poland – USA 3:1 (23:25, 25:21, 25:19, 25:21)

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