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    More and more Poles move to houses

    43 per cent of Poles live in houses and 25 per cent live in flats owned by them or their spouse, according to a CBOS survey on the housing situation in Poland. In 15 years, the percentage of those living in houses has increased by 10 per cent points.

    The survey by the Centre for Public Opinion Research shows that 11 per cent of Poles live in houses and 8 per cent in flats owned by parents or other relatives. 6 per cent occupy a communal or service apartment and 2 per cent cooperative tenant housing. Three in a hundred respondents use a rented flat or house.


    As noted by CBOS, in the 15 years since the previous survey, the percentage of people living in houses has increased by 10 percentage points, while the number of respondents occupying cooperative tenant flats has decreased by 8 points.


    According to the survey, the average size of a flat or house occupied by a single household is just over 90 square metres. 31 per cent of respondents have 110 sq m or more at their disposal. 19 per cent have a square metre of between 30-50 sq m at their disposal, and 22 per cent. – between 50-70 sqm. 2 per cent of respondents have less than 30 sqm at their disposal.


    The authors of the study pointed out that since the previous survey in 2007, the average square metre per household has increased by around 15 sqm. The number of people occupying an area of between 30 and 70 sqm has decreased, while noticeably, by 13 percentage points, the number of those with 110 sqm or more at their disposal has increased.


    29 per cent of respondents declare their intention to move to another house or flat, including 12 per cent within the next few years. The intention to move out of an existing flat or house is most often declared by respondents living with parents or other relatives, while more often those occupying flats than houses, and also respondents currently renting a flat or house, CBOS indicated. House owners or co-owners are least likely to think about moving.


    The survey “Current problems and events” (386) was conducted under the mixed-mode procedure on a representative personal sample of adult residents of Poland drawn from the PESEL register. It was carried out between 30 May and 9 June 2022 on a sample of 1,050 people, including 61.6 per cent by CAPI, 23.1 per cent by CATI and 15.2 per cent by CAWI.


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