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    The Russians ordered to concrete the bodies in Mariupol

    The Russian occupation authorities in Mariupol in the south-east of Ukraine have ordered that the corpses of victims of the Drama Theatre bombed by Russian forces should not be dug out, but “quietly” concreted, the Centre for Strategic Communications of the Armed Forces of Ukraine reported.

    “The occupants at the Mariupol Drama Theatre are pouring concrete over the bodies of those killed and trying to get rid of the smell of corpses with chlorine,” AFU StratCom informed.


    “Where there are a lot of corpses, you have to (give) chlorine and then concrete, because if you just concrete the corpses, the stench somehow breaks through even a thick layer of concrete,” residents requesting anonymity say quoted by the AFU StratCom.



    According to them, the builders gave instructions “not to make noise and not to take out the corpses, but to quietly concrete.” 


    The city mayor’s pro-Ukrainian advisor Petro Andriushchenko reported that the Russian occupation authorities of Mariupol wanted to rebuild the destroyed Drama Theatre as soon as possible to cover up the war crime committed there. On 19 May, Andriushchenko said in turn that the Mariupol occupation authorities, to hide the crimes, had removed the bodies of those murdered from the theatre building and buried them in mass graves in the village of Staryi Krym.


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