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    Bioceltix S.A. debuted on the WSE Main Market

    On Monday, September 5, after only ten months of presence on the NewConnect market, the Wrocław-based company Bioceltix S.A. moved to the Main Market of the Warsaw Stock Exchange. It is worth mentioning that the company’s co-owner is a graduate of the second edition of the WSE Growth Academy.

    The interest in biotechnology is gradually growing among stock market investors. This is not surprising, as the potential and dynamic development of this industry translates into tangible financial returns. It is also an opportunity to assist in medical breakthroughs that may revolutionise the treatment of serious diseases in humans and animals.


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    Leading Polish biotech company Bioceltix S.A. to debut on WSE Main Market


    Bioceltix S.A., listed yesterday on the WSE Main Market, is a biotechnology company. It works on biopharmaceuticals that harness the immunomodulatory properties of mesenchymal stem cellsIt has modern research and production facilities.


    “Immediately after our debut on the NewConnect market, we reminded our investors that this is only a transitional phase and that our main goal remains the regulated market. Today’s debut is an ennoblement for us, a great opportunity, but also a great responsibility,” Łukasz Bzdzion, CEO of Bioceltix S.A., argued.


    Bioceltix S.A. is the 11th company from the biotechnology sector to debut on the Main Market of the Warsaw Stock Exchange. The company’s value, determined on the basis of the average share price on the NewConnect market over the last three months, is PLN 120 million. A total of 420 companies – 375 domestic and 45 foreign – are already present on the WSE trading floor.

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