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    State funeral of Queen Elizabeth II to take place on September 19th at Westminster Abbey in London [VIDEO]

    Earlier today, a proclamation of the Accession Council was read in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, stating that Charles the III has become the new monarch of the United Kingdom. Also some of the countries included in the community of nations, including Australia and Canada, officially recognized the new king as their ruler. The state funeral of Elizabeth II will take place on Monday, September 19th at Westminster Abbey in London.


    The coffin with the body of Queen Elizabeth II left on Sunday from Balmoral Castle in Scotland, where the monarch died on Thursday. First, the queen’s body will be taken to Edinburgh’s Palace of Holyroodhouse and then to St. Giles’ Cathedral. On Tuesday, the coffin will be transported to London for one day at Buckingham Palace, and on Wednesday it will be transferred to Westminster Abbey, where it will remain until the funeral on Monday 19th of September. Throughout the week, the British will be able to pay tribute to the late Queen and pray at the coffin with her body.




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