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    Memory of Kornel

    The Prime Minister of Poland, Mateusz Morawiecki, was in Wroclaw yesterday to take part in the unveiling ceremony of a plaque dedicated to the memory of his father. A former senior speaker of the Sejm and the founder of Fighting Solidarity, Kornel Morawiecki died at the end of September at the age of 78.

     ”My father’s mission was to implant freedom and solidarity. These two values combined together represented the quintessence of his life. Freedom – he was always taking risks, experimenting, finding new solutions for Poland, for the world and for people. And solidarity – which means connecting people, searching for peace and democracy – he was always doing that. I’m very thankful to everyone who reminds us how much he loved these two values, which are timeless” says Mateusz Morawiecki, Prime Minister of Poland.

    ”The portal provides source materials that range from the brutal years of World War 2 until the last day of communism in Poland. All of it neatly arranged and very clearly laid out. Some multimedia files are available to the public for the first time. We continue our research on our dramatic but victorious history from 1917 to 1989”- says Prof.Szarek, Chairman of the Institute of National Remembrance.

    The Institute of National Remembrance has been working for 20 years. We’ve published  almost 3000 books, thousands of articles and held 500 exhibitions. Today we start  a new venture with our  Next Stop History program – that is the new website, and I invite you to browse this resource.

     ”A virtual trip, real history – this is the slogan that promotes our newest digital child of the Institute of National Remembrance – the portal This portal presents the 20 century history of Poland and Poles in a very synthetic and accessible way.
    Apart from our stories you can also find here the information about meetings and lectures that are organized in our locations all over Poland and in many places in the world.  You can browse our events and find the most interesting ones and the most convenient by location.
    You will notice that provides you with an opportunity to take a digital trip into the history of our country as well as to reach living witnesses of history or authors of books that are produced by the Institute of National Remembrance”- says Rafał Leśkiewicz PHD, Chief Editor


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