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    600th Birthday of Łódź Celebrated with Free Balloon Rides and Festivities

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    Between 28th and 30th July, the skies over Łódź will be adorned with balloons to celebrate the city’s 600th birthday. Visitors will have the chance to not only admire the balloon parade from the ground but also take free rides on these colorful airships. The festivities will include concerts, stars, cabarets, picnics, collector’s coins, and stamps, among many other attractions. Łódź’s President, Hanna Zdanowska, promises an unforgettable event. Let’s explore some of the highlights awaiting during this grand celebration.

    Celebrate Łódź’s 600th birthday with free balloon flights, concerts, guided tours, and exciting festivities from 28th to 30th July. An event not to be missed!

    The main highlight of the event will be the opportunity to soar above Łódź in the balloons. Visitors will have a chance to experience the city from a bird’s-eye view, offering a unique perspective of the city’s landscape. The grand finale will be a spectacular night glow show, where illuminated balloons will create a magical spectacle in the night sky.

    The celebrations kick off with the TME Polówka, offering a variety of entertainment options such as drive-in cinema and poolside screenings. The event starts on the 27th of July and features 14 screenings, making it an exciting prelude to the main festivities.

    The birthday celebration provides a fantastic opportunity for locals and visitors alike to explore the city further. With an astonishing 150 guided tours available, everyone is sure to find something of interest, including hidden gems and intriguing historical locations.

    The festival features five stages, four of them hosting music performances and one dedicated to cabarets. The star-studded lineup includes renowned artists like Franz Ferdinand, Tom Odell, Artur Rojek, Kult, Kayah, and more. As there may be overlapping performances, planning ahead will ensure visitors make the most of the festival.

    To facilitate transportation during the event, MPK Łódź will offer free rides on buses and trams from 28th to 30th July. Additionally, a special line, numbered 600, will connect major festival locations, including the Łódź Fabryczna station.

    Numerous establishments across Łódź are joining in the celebration by offering promotional prices or free entry. From botanical gardens and palm houses to zoo exhibits, locals and tourists can enjoy various attractions without breaking the bank.

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