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    Morawiecki: Poland's warning about Russia's imperialism was not taken seriously

    Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki said that even EU leaders admitted that Poland had been right while warning against Russia’s imperial ambitions.

    “When we were warning against Russia’s policy, we were treated as a voice of hysteria, but it was a prophetic voice. Today the President of the European Commission Ursula von der Leyen and the leaders of other Member States agree with us,” Morawiecki said during the 2nd Conservative Summit in Bratislava on Monday.

    “Today we know that our voice was prophetic as even EU leaders admit that we have been right,” Morawiecki said.


    The prime minister stated that Central Europe had always been fully aware of the threat posed both by Russian imperialism and the lack of action in the face of this imperialism.


    According to Morawiecki, Western Europe was stuck in a trap of a double stereotype regarding both Central Europe and Russia, as it had a huge dose of tolerance and forgiveness for Russia but, at the same time, it had a patronising attitude towards Central Europe’s attempt to free itself from the post-communist melting pot.


    Morawiecki also said that Central Europe had also been the subject of the pressure of Russian propaganda.


    “This Russian propaganda is much more visible today,” he said, admitting that a year ago, or five years ago, it had been more subtle.

    “Russian propaganda aims to weaken conservative forces that strive for stability and prosperity on the principles of the founding fathers – a Europe based on values and tradition, on European culture and respect for all Member States,” he said.

    “We must be aware of the fact that this propaganda is trying to weaken conservative forces which have been aiming at stability, peace and prosperity,” Morawiecki said, adding that these forces did not want to achieve these goals by means of the federalisation and centralisation of the European Union.


    According to Morawiecki, these conservative forces want to do this on the foundation of a Europe and EU created by the founding fathers.


    “On the foundation of a Europe of values based on tradition and European culture, with respect for all 27 EU members,” the Polish prime minister concluded.


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