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    A new Polish production by HISTORY Channel – “Lower Silesia: Lost Treasures”

    In the new Polish programme of the HISTORY Channel, Łukasz Kazek will take viewers on a journey into the myths and legends about the gold of the Third Reich hidden in Lower Silesia, one of the most mysterious and history-filled regions of Poland. Łukasz Kazek is a Polish journalist and history populariser, author of books, TV presenter and host of the popular History Hiking channel on the YouTube platform.

    The programme “Lower Silesia: Lost Treasures” is another local HISTORY Channel production in Poland. From 11 October on Tuesdays at 9:00 PM only on HISTORY Channel TV.


    “The success of our Polish programmes, such as >>The Gold of the Baltic<<, has strengthened our conviction that viewers are passionate about local history, especially one told surprisingly. With this series, we will be transported to the most mysterious region of Poland in the company of Łukasz Kazek, who talks about Lower Silesia as if he were reading a sensational novel," Izabella Wiley, SVP, General Manager A+E Networks CEE, comments.


    In the three episodes of the documentary series, Łukasz Kazek will embark on an expedition with treasure hunters, he will also interview historians and witnesses of the events at the end of World War II and their descendants. Will he manage to shed new light on the mysteries of golden trains, the lost gold of Wrocław and the treasures hidden in the Jeleniogórska Rift?


    “Lower Silesia is a unique region in the whole of Europe. There is no place in the world where there are so many castles, palaces, undergrounds, mines and, above all, what happened here during the Second World War. This was the shelter of the Third Reich. That’s why it is such an unexplored Mecca and these drawers can still be opened and new things, new treasures and new clues can be found in them,” programme host Łukasz Kazek comments.


    Vision House Productions is the executive producer of the programme and Agnieszka Kubiak, Director of Local Production and Creation at A+E Networks, is responsible for the production on behalf of HISTORY Channel.


    “>>Lower Silesia: Lost Treasures<< is a programme that combines storytelling with the active discovery of history. I can't imagine a better guide to the mysteries of this region than Łukasz Kazek, who was born in Wałbrzych, lives in the Góry Sowie and whose passion for popularising history - especially of this region - is simply extraordinary. The best proof of this is the hundreds of thousands of views on YouTube of the materials co-created by Łukasz. It is a great joy for us to be able to work with him on a production for the HISTORY Channel,” Agnieszka Kubiak comments.


    In the next episodes of the series, Łukasz Kazek will try to uncover the mysteries of the gold trains on which the Germans allegedly wanted to transport valuables at the end of World War II. He will follow the trail of the Gold of Wrocław – valuables belonging to the inhabitants of the city and deposited in banks just before the Red Army entered. He will also attempt to uncover the secrets of the Jeleniogórska Rift, which is thought to hide gold, and numerous works of art – including the famous Fabergé eggs.


    “There is no coincidence in the title of the >>Lower Silesia: Lost Treasures<< series. The local mountains are full of tunnels, drifts left behind by mines that have been closed for many years," Michal Bielawski, director of the programme, comments. "Lower Silesia is a region filled with legends and mysteries about the treasures that have already been found, but above all about those that are still inaccessible," the director adds.


    The premiere of the programme “Lower Silesia: Lost Treasures” is on Tuesday, October 11 at 9:00 PM on the HISTORY Channel.


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