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    Poland and four other EU countries request more sanctions on Russia

    Poland, Ireland and the Baltic States have presented the European Commission with a proposed new sanctions package on Russia, according to PAP.

    The five countries want the EU to ban cooperation with Russia in nuclear energy, remove more Russian and Belarusian banks from SWIFT, and ban the sale of US dollars to Russia.


    Poland, Ireland and the Baltic States also believe that the EU should extend the ban on Russian-flagged vessels from entering EU ports and that the Union should ban IT services for Russia.


    They also call on the EU to halt the purchase of the real estate by Russian nationals.


    Another proposal is the imposition of more sanctions on Belarus and persons supporting Russia’s war on Ukraine.


    EU foreign ministers agreed at an ad-hoc meeting on the sidelines of U.N. talks in New York to prepare new sanctions against Russia, and the bloc’s top diplomat said they would consist of “economic and individual” measures.


    The European Commission is expected to present a written proposal next week, and the 27 EU national leaders might approve it when they meet in Prague on October 6-7. 


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