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    Medical innovations and development of Poland – global biotech leaders

    “The innovative medical biotechnology sector has been indicated in the “Governmental Development Plan for the Biomedical Sector for 2022-2031″ as an important element of strengthening the international position of the state. Innovative medicines and technologies developed in Poland are of value to patients all over the world, including Poles. Development of the pharmaceutical market based solely on investments in generic medicines – would stop the progress in medicine, slow down the development of original Polish drugs (first or better in their class) and medical technologies, but most of all would take away the chances of patients for effective treatment, and scientists and Polish biotechnology – to compete on global pharmaceutical markets”, BioInMed, the Polish Association of Innovative Medical Biotechnology Companies points out.

    The fundamental aim of the BioInMed Association is to secure the rights and represent interests of the membership companies in Poland and abroad, to enlarge innovation of polish economy through a promotion of investments in the biotech medicine, and a popularization  of the solutions that support a development of the industry, to dialogue with decidents and others shareholders, to initiate projects that support activities of members of the Association, and to educate in the field of the innovation in the biotech medicine industry.

    “We read the content of the report entitled “Pharmaceutical race of nations” with astonishment. It indicates the sector of  generic medicines as a key branch of the pharmaceutical market, which may determine Poland’s competitiveness. Generic medicines – common, available, and often the first-choice drugs for Poles – are important and meet the essential needs of patients. However, it is impossible to imagine the effective treatment of patients struggling with cancer, chronic, rare or ultra-rare diseases based solely on generic medicines – i.e. equivalents of pharmaceutical drugs that were developed about 15 years ago. After all, during these several years we have understood the mechanisms of many diseases much better and today we are able to treat them more and more effectively. Similarly, it is a paradox to build the advantage of an economy based on knowledge and real competition of Poland on the international arena in the health care sector, being only an ‘aggregator’ of reconstructive technologies. Polish patients need access to effective technologies – from generic medicines to innovative drugs and therapies – also those that are at the advanced stages of research and development in our country. Permanent support only for the generic sector in order to allegedly build the strength of the Polish pharmaceutical market – in our opinion, this is a manifestation of a deep misunderstanding of the essence of development, the value of innovation and reducing Poland’s growing position on the international arena to the role of  European assembly plant”- President of the Board of BioInMed, the Polish Association of Innovative Medical Biotechnology Companies and Managing Director, Marta Winiarska describes.

    The Pharmaceutical Strategy for Europe clearly indicates that the only solution is to simultaneously secure production in Europe and invest in pharmaceutical innovations. Currently, about 7 thousand of rare diseases have been discovered, including many rare types of cancer (especially lung and breast cancer). In as much as 95% of the patients do not have any treatment options now. Some innovative drugs for cancer and other serious diseases that Polish companies from the medical biotechnology sector are working on are already in the stage of advanced tests, with initially confirmed effectiveness and safety. Therefore, the so-called big innovations – new therapies, new diagnostic methods that allow patients to fight for life and health more effectively are valuable. Development in this area may improve the country’s health security in the long term and contribute to increasing the availability of innovative therapies.

    Currently, the Polish economy is based mainly on imitations. Our “innovation” is the implementation of innovative technologies that arose in other countries. The real development and building of the country’s international position is achieved by stimulating and creating conditions for strengthening the most innovative and prospective areas of the economy and building one’s own technological thought. Thanks to the invaluable experience of Polish companies and the involvement of ABM (English: “Medical Research Agency”), gained over the last several years, we have a real chance to witness the creation of the first Polish original medicine. Abandoning only known technologies and a reconstructive approach to drugs and medical technologies would mean a regression in Poland and the loss of previous achievements.

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