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    A new series of concerts, “JAZZ PO POLSKU Live Sessions” 2022 on Sunday evenings will last until December 26

    A new series of concerts, “JAZZ PO POLSKU Live Sessions” 2022 will last until December 26 every Sunday evening. As part of the project, 25 performances will be recorded with the participation of the audience and released in China and South Korea. The series begins on the first weekend of September with concerts by Stanisław Słowiński Quintet, Imagination Quartet and Jakub Mizeracki Trio. “The aim of JAZZ PO POLSKU Live Sessions is to maintain the interest in Polish jazz on the largest and most interesting music market in the World and to propose new, alternative tools for promoting Polish culture in an endless lockdown.”, Founder of JAZZ PO POLSKU, Jakub Krzeszowski said.


    The latest project JAZZ PO POLSKU presents “live” music of young Polish jazzmen, who have been appreciated many times in the world. Participation in concerts is also an opportunity to participate in audio and video recording. The recorded materials will be released on Chinese and Korean streaming platforms, such as QQ Music, Net Easy Music, Ximalaya, Melon, Bugs and VIBE.

    The concerts registered as part of the project will be released on Asian streaming platforms, mostly unknown and not available in Europe. They include, among others, Chinese QQ Music, Net Easy Music, Ximalaya FM and Korean: Melon, Bugs, and VIBE. “The aim of Live Sessions is to maintain the interest in Polish jazz on the largest and most interesting music market in the World and to propose new, alternative tools for promoting Polish culture in an endless lockdown. It is jazz, right after the works of Polish classics and writers, that is the most recognizable Polish cultural brand in Asia,” Founder of JAZZ PO POLSKU, Jakub Krzeszowski says.

     Almost a hundred artists will perform in the project in Warsaw. It is a great opportunity to get to know the current Polish jazz and improvised scene and to reassure yourself that our artists represent a world class. Bands from many corners of Poland will perform, both recognized names and debutants. The artistic program is very diverse, so everyone will find something for themselves. The aim of the project is to stimulate Polish creative sectors in the most modern music market in the world – the Asian market. The project is an attempt to adapt to a new, post-pandemic reality in which both traveling and touring are not so obvious anymore. Due to Covid-19, the Asian market, where Polish jazzmen have performed regularly, is still closed. In order not to lose touch with jazz fans on the other side of the globe, we have prepared a special concert and publishing project, thanks to which the audience in China and Korea will be able to feel the energy and atmosphere of music played live in Poland.

     The Schedule Of The Jazz Po Polsku: Live Sessons For China And Korea 2022:

    BARDZO BARDZO Ul. Nowogrodzka 11, Warsaw
    02.09 20:00 Stanisław Słowiński Quintet Stanisław Słowiński: violin, Zbyszek Szwajdych: trumpet, Franciszek Raczkowski: piano, Paweł Stachowiak: bass, Dawid Fortuna: drums.
    03.09 20:00 Imagination Quartet Michał Sołtan: guitar/vocal, Jarosław Bothur: alto sax, Dariusz Świtalski: bass, Maciej Dziedzic: drums.
    04.0920:00Schmidt Electric feat. Jakub Mizeracki Piotr Schmidt: trumpet, Jakub Mizeracki: guitar, Kajetan Borowski: keyboard/synthesizer, Michał Kapczuk: bass, Gniewomir Tomczyk: drums.
    25.09 20:00 Hot God Joanna Duda: synthesizer, Marek Pospieszalski: sax, Qba Janicki: drums
    02.10 20:00 Ignacy Wiśniewski Trio Ignacy Wiśniewski: piano, Adam Żuchowski: double bass, Paweł Osicki: drums.
    30.10 20:30 G-Squad Aga Derlak: piano, Krzysztof Piłatyk: sax, Wojciech Doleżyczek: guitar, Grzegorz Bieżanek: bass, Gniewomir Tomczyk: drums.
    02.11 20:00 Light Star Guiding Ray Dickaty: sax, Mikołaj Poncyljusz: guitar, Mateusz Woźniak: double bass, Dominik Mokrzewski: drums.
    06.11 20:00 Marcin Pater Trio Marcin Pater: vibraphone, Mateusz Szewczyk: double bass, Adam Wajdzik: drums.
    11.11 20:00 Aga Derlak Trio Aga Derlak: piano, Michał Kapczuk: double bass, Szymon Madej: drums.
    13.11 20:00 Warsaw Improvisers Orchestra Ray Dickaty: conduction / sax , Piotr Mełech: clarinet, Jan Malkowski: alto sax, Olgierd Dokalski: trumpet, Marcin Gokieli: voice, Gosia Wrzosek: voice, Veranika Los: voice, John Cornell: cello, Wojtek Więckowski: guitar, Łukasz Kacperczyk: synthesizer, Wojtek Traczyk: double bass, Dominik “Dodas” Mokrzewski: drums.
    11.12 20:00 Franek Pospieszalski Trio Franciszek Raczkowski: piano, Franciszek Pospieszalski: double bass, Bartosz Szablowski: drums.
    26.12 20:00 House Band BARdzo Bardzo
    * concerts in BARdzo Bardzo are organized in cooperation with Jazz Session Series by Gniewomira Tomczyka; before every concert, there will be an interview with the Artist.

    JASSMINE Ul. Wilcza 73, Warsaw
    11.09 20:30 Tomasz Chyła Quintet Tomasz Chyła: violin, Emil Miszk: trumpet, Krzysztof Hadrych: guitar, Konrad Żołnierek: double bass, Sławek Koryzno: drums.
    18.09 20:30 Kuba Kotowicz Quartet Kuba Kotowicz: vibraphone, Tomasz Sołtys: piano, Tymon Trąbczyński: double bass, Sebastian Kuchczyński: drums.
    09.10 20:30 The Flash Sławek Pezda: sax, Kuba Dwo.rak: bass, Max Olszewski: drums / 22:00 Jakub Mizeracki Trio Jakub Mizeracki: guitar, Alan Wykpisz: bass, Max Olszewski: drums.
    23.10 20:30 Piotr Budniak Essential Group Wojciech Lichtański: sax, Kajetan Borowski: piano, Piotr Narajowski: double bass, Piotr Budniak: drums / 22:00 Miłosz Oleniecki Trio Miłosz Oleniecki: piano, Paweł Zwierzyński-Pióro: double bass, Rafał Dutkiewicz: drums
    20.11 20:30HoTS Mikołaj Poncyljusz: guitar, Radosław Nowak: trumpet, Bartosz Tkacz: sax, Adam Prokopowicz: double bass, Dawid Opaliński: drums / 22:00 Rafał Sarnecki Quintet Dawid Tokłowicz: alto sax, Piotr Wyleżoł: piano, Rafał Sarnecki: guitar, Wojtek Pulcyn: double bass, Patryk Dobosz: drums.
    27.11 20:30 Piotrowski/Smoczyński/Gradziuk/Tomczyk : Grzech Piotrowski: sax, Mateusz Smoczyński: violin, Krzysztof Gradziuk: drums, Gniewomir Tomczyk: drums/electronics / 22:00Confusion Project Michał Ciesielski: piano, Piotr Gierszewski: bass, Andrzej Golicki: drums.
    04.12 20:30 JAH Trio Jan Jarecki: piano, Michał Aftyka: double bass, Marcin Sojka: drums / 22:00 Unleashed Cooperation Krzysztof Kuśmierek: sax, Patryk Rynkiewicz: trumpet, Patryk Matwiejczuk: piano, Flavio Gullotta: double bass, Stanisław Aleksandrowicz: drums.
    18.12 20:30 Gniewomir Tomczyk „Perpetus” Mateusz Smoczyński: violin, Paweł Kaczmarczyk: piano, Andrzej Karałow: piano, Krzysztof Lenczowski: cello, Gniewomir Tomczyk: drums/electronics.


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