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    PM calls for confiscation of Russian assets

    Poland supports the confiscation of Russian capital which could then be used to rebuild Ukraine, also with the help of Polish entrepreneurs, Mateusz Morawiecki, the Polish prime minister has said.

    Opening an international conference on business cooperation in the reconstruction of Ukraine on Wednesday in Warsaw, Morawiecki said that he strongly believes Ukraine will be victorious in its war against Russia.


    According to him, to beat Russia, “the security architecture must be rebuilt”.


    “You cannot pretend and bury your head in the sand amid Russian threats,” Morawiecki said.


    “Therefore, Poland is not only in favour of freezing Russian capital built on crime, but we are in favour of its confiscation and the allocation of this capital to the rebuilding of Ukraine, and Polish entrepreneurs should be part of that,” he went on to say.


    Morawiecki pledged that the government would ensure that Polish entrepreneurs actively participate in the reconstruction of Ukraine “based on a new Marshall plan.”

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