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    Polish gov't introduces electricity price caps

    The government has established price caps on electricity bills for SMEs, social institutions and households to protect them from soaring energy costs.

    From December 1 until the end of 2023 the maximum electricity tariff for SMEs and institutions such as orphanages, schools and hospitals will be set at PLN 785 (EUR 161)/MWh, the government announced on Tuesday.


    The maximum above-limit electricity tariff for households during the same period will be PLN 699 (EUR 143.6)/MWh, the government said.


    The measures, under which power operators will be barred from charging above the cap, are to help users cope with escalating electricity costs.


    In September the government passed a law freezing electricity prices for usage up to 2 MWh annually for households, 2.6 MWh for households with handicapped persons and 3 MWh for large families and farmers.

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