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    Have you ever seen a coral reef? If not, try to look for it in Polish forests!

    Did you know that Polish forests are full of surprises? State Forest foresters shared incredible photos of Polish mushrooms resembling coral polyps. Your next mushroom trip to the forest can be more magical than you expected – just look for a coral reef in the woods.

    The mushroom season is in full swing so we look at our feet much more often than usual. However, we are focused on looking for brown hats sticking out of the rustling autumn bedding and we may not even realize how the fascinating world nearby escapes our attention
    Here, like a reef in shallow ocean waters, equally magnificent structures cover the forest floor. Twisted tree roots, stones, slopes or even old fruiting bodies of the fungi are covered with molluscs, mosses or earthworms, vividly resembling coral polyps, the stinging of which is waiting for the passing prey. There is a fascinating, micro life between them
    So, the next time you bend down for a penny bun, take a moment to appreciate this unusual distant world.

    State Forest Facebook page followers were amazed by the photos of the woodland coral reef and they also boasted about with photos of unusual views, including lichens, fungi, and other funny plants. They also boasted about their photos, e.g. of unusual lichens, fungi, or other plants. There were beautiful shots of Amanita muscaria, commonly known as the fly agaric or fly amanita, and Xylaria polymorpha, commonly known as dead man’s fingers.


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