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    Geothermal heating plant in Toruń

    A geothermal heating plant was opened in Toruń on Wednesday, October 12. Water from the thermal spring has a temperature of 64 degrees Celsius and will be used to heat the Sanctuary of the Blessed Virgin Mary Star of the New Evangelization and St John Paul II, the Academy of Social and Media Culture and the ‘Memory and Identity’ Museum. It can also be used to heat some other parts of Toruń.

    A word to the listeners in the letter was addressed, among others, by the President of the Law and Justice party Jarosław Kaczyński. It was read by the head of the party president’s office, Michał Moskal. 


    “I would like to express my great joy that the Word, that inspired and initiated this magnificent undertaking, was made flesh. Today’s ceremony crowns many years of effort and endeavour for this geothermal investment. In order for the heat to flow from it to the AKSiM, the sanctuary, the Museum of Memory and Identity and other facilities, as well as the city network in Toruń, many obstacles had to be overcome, which required great dedication, and sacrifice and enormous determination,” Jarosław Kaczyński pointed out in the letter.


    Let us remind you that the investment started in November 2008. At that time, the first boreholes to access the geothermal waters were constructed. A year later, another was built. In time, the construction of the heating plant also began. This was handled by a consortium of the companies Inżynieria Rzeszów and Energy Solutions from Tarnów. Under the contract worth PLN 50 million net, the technological part with equipment and installations, as well as the social part, were built. The construction of the geothermal heat plant was co-financed by the European Union Cohesion Fund through the Operational Programme Infrastructure and Environment.


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