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    Victory at the beginning of the EHF European Handball Championship 2024 qualifiers

    The first half was far from decent, but in the second half, the Polish handball players rose to the occasion and confidently defeated Italy 30:23 (10:9) in Spodek in the first match of the EHF European Handball Championship 2024 qualifiers. The next meeting is already on Sunday. This time against Latvia.


    The Poles struggled before the break on the offensive. Throughout the entire first half, they did not break away from their rivals by more than two goals even once. The fact that they won 10:9 after 30 minutes is solely due to Arkadiusz Moryto’s frantic action in the final seconds. 


    The second half was fortunately completely different. Italy’s defence did not cause Poles any more difficulties after the change of sides. The Polish team seemed to ‘wake up’ and started to score more and more points. White-Reds had the rest of the match under complete control and confidently won the first qualifying match.  



    Poland – Italy 30:23 

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